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Connected Device Security: New Mandates, Same Mayhem

On May 12th, 2021, the White House issued Executive Order 14028, titled “Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity.” The executive order (EO) lays out a set of security guidelines and practices for the federal government and software vendors to follow, requiring vendors to share relevant information on cyber incidents and threats, along with encouraging the adoption of Zero … Continued

CISOs: Identify Areas That Truly Benefit from Orchestration and Automation; Qualifying the Risks and Considering the Benefits

Today, the risks facing CISOs are growing and evolving constantly –  from justifying funding to the board to dealing with the accelerating volume and diversity of threats faced. This leaves them managing teams that know they’re understaffed, know they’re running a stack with holes in it, and are looking for support to successfully manage that … Continued


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