Since the early 1990’s, Ralph has been active as a technology visionary working with high-tech firms on product sales and market penetration across key vertical markets. Ralph Klein’s background includes 30 years in the chemical and plastics industry focused on trading, distribution and management activities. Ralph worked with the largest international trading firms as Director of Global Trading in the USA, Hong Kong, and Israel. 

As a member of the founding team of Landmark Ventures, Ralph is an active consultant and advisor for numerous high-tech companies on their management, operations, market strategy and Fortune 500 client development activities.

Ralph has been involved as a Advisory Board member, consultant and shareholder for several technology companies including Appfluent, ChemConnect, Collation, G-Log, Ketera, IntraLinks, Ounce Labs, NetManage, Radware, PowerPaper, Preventsys and VFA.