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Anthony Juliano

Anthony Juliano is a seasoned veteran of IT Operations and Technology Innovation. His professional history includes technology strategy, enterprise systems, network administration, and infrastructure/architecture operations for a variety of technology corporations.

At Landmark, Anthony directs IT Operations and controls the firm’s enterprise technology strategy. As a Landmark advisor, he’s worked with more than 300 CIOs/CTOs from F500 Enterprises, and advised more than 50+ early-stage technology companies on strategic growth and execution. He takes a big picture approach to understanding the role of innovation in a rapidly changing landscape, leveraging a deep understanding of the dynamics between technical underpinnings, market demand, and enterprise operations.

“Working at Landmark is like training and participating in a decathlon, triathlon, and marathon every day – it’s hard work and requires dedication, but hones every wide range of business skill and subject expertise you have (even some you thought you didn’t) – and when you wrap up for the day, you feel accomplished and ready for whatever the world hands you.”

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