Client Portfolio

Landmark Ventures has a long tradition of working closely with innovative, scalable, best-in-class technology solutions.

We deliver a hands-on approach designed to meet each client’s needs and ultimately drive a successful strategic process. Our deep relationships with Fortune 500 corporations, top venture capital and private equity investors, and leading CEOs and entrepreneurs benefit our clients by providing unique access and insight into key market sectors.

  • ITinvolve-logo-150x50
    ITinvolve creates Cross-Team Workspaces that bring the right people, tools, information, and analysis together to help teams do their jobs more effectively. With workspaces for development and infrastructure projects; incident, problem, request, and change management processes; what-if scenarios; and environment analyses, ITinvolve is the application where IT and the business work together to achieve greater agility while ensuring operational stability and quality.
  • Aginity_Logo_Horizontal
      Aginity AMP software enables companies to create, catalog and manage analytics as assets which can then be reused consistently everywhere in the enterprise - creating significant cost savings and improved business outcomes.
  • jumpshot_logo-1024x218
      Jumpshot is a next-generation marketing analytics platform, helping organizations by providing extensive marketing analytics, to make the right decision at the right time.
  • seegnature logo
      Seegnature offers a platform that allows business and individuals to close deals and contracts by remotely verifying clients' identities and obtaining their signatures on documents in real time.
  • Zoom
      Zoom is the leader in modern enterprise video communications with a secure, easy platform for video and audio conferencing, messaging, and more. Zoom provides the original software-based conference room solution used around the world in conferences, training rooms, and executive offices and classrooms.
  • Costanoa_Full_Lockup-GreenBlack
      Costanoa Ventures invests in early-stage technology companies that aim to change the world. With our support and expertise, we can help build your business.
  • YouAppi
      YouAppi’s 360 Platform is the leading growth marketing platform for premium mobile brands.
  • HPforwebsite
      Engineering experiences that amaze. We create technology with a purpose: to make life better for everyone, everywhere. Keep Reinventing.
  • Syncurity_logo
    Syncurity is a Security Operations & Incident Response Platform designed to synchronize your Security Team, Tools and Playbooks in a Virtual SOC platform and implement a repeatable, scalable, auditable process across security operations.
  • thinaire-1-150x38
    Thinaire enables marketers to make TV, print, and display advertising purchases part of a fully connected media play. Thinaire offers contactless technologies that allow brands to follow consumers from living room to retail, providing proximity marketing solutions for brands, retailers and marketers.
  • Zumobi_logo-180x49-150x41
    Zumobi is a leader in Mobile Content Marketing Solutions. Global brands leverage the Zbi Platform to power engaging mobile content marketing experiences.
  • Apprenda_logo
      Apprenda creates and supports enterprise-ready application platforms for both cloud native and traditional application workloads - removing friction from the software delivery process and transforming IT into an engine of growth.
  • TKG-logo-standard
      KiniMetrix illuminates unique profit improvement opportunities and strategies for business growth. KiniMetrix includes analytics on sales performance, churn, price optimization, customer profitability, price realization, and mix data.
  • sight machine logo
      Sight Machine's analytics platform provides manufacturing analytics for enterprises, to make better faster decisions about their operations, while addressing critical challenges in quality and productivity throughout the enterprise.
  • Milestone Technologies
      Milestone Technologies is a managed services provider dedicated to using technology to make IT infrastructures smarter, streamlined, and more successful. Today, it was more than 2,000 employees serving a client base of over 200 companies worldwide.
  • compunnel-digital
      Compunnel Digital is a professional services and technology firm specializing in digital business transformation.
  • DLAPiper
      YDLA Piper is a global law firm capable of taking care of the most important legal needs of clients wherever they do business.
  • saxx_black
      Game-changing, next-level apparel that allows you to move freely, without restriction — apparel that feels like it’s barely there, that elevates your everyday experiences, that just works.
  • ZipRecruiter_logo
    ZipRecruiter is a leading online employment marketplace. Powered by AI-driven smart matching technology, ZipRecruiter actively connects millions of businesses and job seekers through innovative mobile, web, and email services, as well as partnerships with the best job boards on the web.
  • TangoNetworks-1-124x75
    At Tango Networks, we power enterprise networks with mobility solutions. Solutions that make employees more productive and allow them to work more freely while reducing costs and assuring regulatory and policy compliance.
  • bluetalon-150x43
    Hadoop’s disruptive, cost-saving potential is huge but many organizations are unable to take full-advantage of this due to Hadoop’s lack of enterprise-level data access and security controls. BlueTalon solves this problem. The BlueTalon Policy Engine fully safeguards your Hadoop data, and provisions and enforces your data access policies and controls on even the most sensitive data.
  • Armorway-Logo-grey
      Provides an artificial intelligence platform that enables users to deliver descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, prescriptive analytics to understand and respond to security threats.
  • lattice
      Lattice provides a complete set of marketing and sales applications that predicts who will buy, what they will buy, and when.
  • skymosity logo
      Skymosity provides a weather marketing platform for businesses to allow marketers to digest and take action on big weather data - providing insights on how weather conditions influence consumer purchase behavior.
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