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Landmark Ventures has a long tradition of working closely with innovative, scalable, best-in-class technology solutions.

We deliver a hands-on approach designed to meet each client’s needs and ultimately drive a successful strategic process. Our deep relationships with Fortune 500 corporations, top venture capital and private equity investors, and leading CEOs and entrepreneurs benefit our clients by providing unique access and insight into key market sectors.

  • zooz-150x57
    Zooz engine dynamically routes each transaction to the optimal acquirer according to our proprietary algorithms, reducing decline rates and lowering transaction costs by cutting Cross-Border fees and Currency Conversion costs.
  • YL Ve
      YL Ventures funds & supports brilliant Israeli tech entrepreneurs from seed to lead.
  • ISCON-logo-220-150x48
    ISCON Imaging provides safe, high-resolution, whole-body scanners that quickly identify concealed items without radiation or violating personal privacy. ISCON Imaging products help protect employees and other tangible assets.
  • TTBC_Logo_white
      The Trans - Tasman Business Circle is a strategic growth partner for the region’s leading organisations in the private and public sector.
  • skycure-logo3-150x39
    Skycure protects both BYO and corporate-owned devices from network based threats, malware, and other targeted attacks originating from both internal and external adversaries, all without changing the mobile user experience, compromising user privacy, or adding extra burden to IT.
  • Orbs-PNG
      Orbs is a public blockchain built for the needs of apps with millions of users, from SLAs to adjustable fee models to on-demand capacity.
  • better mobile logo
      Better Mobile offers a software oriented patform which helps enterprises detect and prevent mobile threats - giving users mobile application visibility and risk-based intelligence.
  • CardboardTechnologiesLogo4
      There is a new age dawning in personal mobility, and it’s all green. Low cost, high quality, and mass produced bikes, wheelchairs, strollers/prams and other vehicles, made from recycled material in plants located in the markets where they are most needed.
  • cb4 logo
      CB4's analytics platform for brick and mortar retail uncovers hidden purchasing patters that detect unfulfilled customer demand, and translates it into actionable recommendations to correct operational inefficiencies and capture lost sales.
  • sixgill_logo
    Sixgill is a CyberIntelligence and Darkweb Analytics platform designed with the same workflows used by Elite Israeli Defense Forces to manage the cyber warfare intelligence process.
  • cyberintlogo
      CyberInt's Managed Detection and Response services span globally and include some of the top finance, retail and telecommunication organizations. Allowing our customers to combat and respond to advanced cyber threats that would normally go unnoticed by standard security controls, while protecting their brand, digital assets and customers.
  • superup_logo
    SuperUp’s PaaS platform leverages AI to personalize and gamify the mobile shopping experience. SuperUp also boasts voice search and seamlessly integrates all coupon and loyalty providers into their intuitive interface.
  • Glassbox logo
      Glassbox empowers organizations to optimize the entire digital lifecycle of their customers by leveraging big data, behavioural analytics and record-replay capabilities.
  • CyberHat_logo
    CyberHat brings the most elite Israeli cyber intelligence professionals to a unified cybersecurity approach that combines both red team and blue team expertise as an alignment strategy for fully outourcing SOC operations.
  • idomoo logo
      Idomoo provides simple, scalable, secure and reliable mass video production that is automatically produced and personalized with customer information to improve communication across every stage of the customer lifecycle.
  • SourceDefense_logo
    Source Defense has built a unique policy enforcement mechanism to prevent exploitation of a universal website supply chain vulnerability around third-party javascript applets.
  • Morphisec_Logo
      Morphisec provides endpoint threat prevention through a patented suite of security defense tools to protect enterprise clients.
  • Anagog_logo
    Anagog is the pioneer of on-device artificial intelligence solutions that turn mobile phones into smart digital extensions of their owners. Anagog’s JedAI technology enables advanced edge-AI capabilities that do not require pulling any personal data outside the phone, hence fiercely protecting user’s privacy.
  • rumble logo
      Rumble gives business leaders the data and control they need to run their digital business, through the use of advanced data collection technology and predictive algorithms.
  • LeumiTech_USA_logo_high
      Established in 1902, Leumi is Israel’s oldest banking corporation and one of the leading and largest corporations in the Middle East. LeumiTech, a subsidiary of Bank Leumi, was created as part of Leumi Group's strategy to focus on the high-tech sector, from Tel Aviv to Palo Alto, New York to London.
  • ge_monogram_primary_blue_RGB
      GE Ventures provides unrivaled access to a global network of GE expertise and resources. We partner and invest in the best ideas within Software, Healthcare, Energy and Advanced Manufacturing.
  • Meitar
      Meitar Liquornik Geva Leshem Tal is the largest law firm in Israel, and Israel's leading international law firm. The firm represents some of the world’s largest multinational corporations in corporate, commercial and litigation matters, in Israel and abroad.
  • SNC
      Start-up Nation Central is a discovery platform aimed at connecting Israeli innovators and entrepreneurs with government and business leaders and provides information on over 5,500 companies across a dozens of industries.
  • digiflex-150x47
    DigiFlex provides the printing industry with an affordable, high quality, high throughput, cost effective and easy to use system to produce flexographic & letterpress printing plates.
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