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Landmark Ventures has a long tradition of working closely with innovative, scalable, best-in-class technology solutions.

We deliver a hands-on approach designed to meet each client’s needs and ultimately drive a successful strategic process. Our deep relationships with Fortune 500 corporations, top venture capital and private equity investors, and leading CEOs and entrepreneurs benefit our clients by providing unique access and insight into key market sectors.

  • better mobile logo
      Better Mobile offers a software oriented patform which helps enterprises detect and prevent mobile threats - giving users mobile application visibility and risk-based intelligence.
  • cyberintlogo
      CyberInt's Managed Detection and Response services span globally and include some of the top finance, retail and telecommunication organizations. Allowing our customers to combat and respond to advanced cyber threats that would normally go unnoticed by standard security controls, while protecting their brand, digital assets and customers.
  • Fasoo_CI_1
      Fasoo provides persistent and reliable security software services, around a variety of enterprise assets.
  • Morphisec_Logo
      Morphisec provides endpoint threat prevention through a patented suite of security defense tools to protect enterprise clients.
  • nozomi-networks-logo
      Nozomi Networks provides Industrial Control System (ICS) cybersecurity solutions through a comprehensive platform to deliver real-time operational visibility.
  • pharos-logo
      Pharos works with customers globally to ensure investment in security achieves protection from unacceptable impacts, proof of due diligence that stands up to scrutiny - and that both of these results are delivered at cost.
  • radiant2014
      Radiant Logic provides virtualization-based federated identity services, through simple, logical and standards-based access to all identities within an organization.
  • SafeBreach_logo
      SafeBreach executes active breach scenarios and performs continuous validation to find holes in an environment before an attacker does.
  • ss8
      SS8 provides solutions to help customers quickly identify, track and investigate suspects and devices of interest.
  • Cyberproof
      Cyberproof takes a different approach to digital security, protecting clients where Traditional Managed Security Service Providers have proven ineffective. Cyberproof monitors threats, people, and assets at all times, in order to ensure that businesses of all sizes are fully protected.
  • ISCON-logo-220-150x48
    ISCON Imaging provides safe, high-resolution, whole-body scanners that quickly identify concealed items without radiation or violating personal privacy. ISCON Imaging products help protect employees and other tangible assets.
  • ReversingLabs_logo-150x51
    ReversingLabs delivers industry-leading threat detection and analysis solutions that address the latest generation of cyber attacks. Our solutions significantly enhance an organization's ability to perform threat detection, incident response, attack analysis, and software verification. Our innovative and unique automated static analysis technology exposes threats that are invisible to conventional anti-malware products.
  • syscloud-360x200-300x167
    SysCloud is the only software suite that protects against data loss, unauthorized data exposure and violations of compliance laws by providing real-time backup, security and compliance policies through a single software application.
  • vidder1-150x33
    Vidder's PrecisionAccess stops cyber attacks before they start. PrecisionAccess enables secure connectivity between users and applications across different companies, organizations, and zones of control.
  • skycure-logo3-150x39
    Skycure protects both BYO and corporate-owned devices from network based threats, malware, and other targeted attacks originating from both internal and external adversaries, all without changing the mobile user experience, compromising user privacy, or adding extra burden to IT.
  • Armorway-Logo-grey
      Provides an artificial intelligence platform that enables users to deliver descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, prescriptive analytics to understand and respond to security threats.
  • ziften-logo-1-145x75
    Ziften Technologies has created a new class of enterprise software that enables organizations to better understand and control what applications are running across the Windows desktop environment and how these applications run to automatically eliminate, restrict, or accelerate them based on relative business value.
  • radware
    Radware provides Intelligent Application Switching solutions to ensure the availability, performance and security of networked applications across all mission critical networked applications to improve scalability while dramatically reducing operating costs.
  • CT-logo-150x24
    CounterTack, the industry’s first and only in-progress attack intelligence and response solution provider, was born out of the critical need to develop new security approaches for enterprise and government organizations. The detection gap persists despite massive investments and continuing advancements in security technologies, with cyber attacker innovations outpacing cyber defenses. CounterTack is leading the way on new approaches for deeper security intelligence monitoring and faster attack response.
  • Duo-Security-Logo-Green_200px-300x135-150x68
    Duo Security's hosted two-factor authentication service brings strong, scalable security to organizations of any size. Duo's unique, high-availability architecture provides centralized management, self-service enrollment, and interactive secondary login through an intuitive web interface, eliminating the high costs, complexity, and confusion associated with traditional two-factor systems.
  • clusterseven-150x35
    ClusterSeven provides enterprise-wide, strategic spreadsheet and data management software to financial institutions and Fortune 500 financial reporting divisions. ClusterSeven’s software non-intrusively monitors and tracks spreadsheets to enable users to more effectively manage governance, risk and regulatory compliance obligations.
  • GC-Marshall
    A global IT consulting firm working with senior management to ensure the IT organization is effective, efficient and underpins the long term growth of the business. GC Marshall has developed Air Traffic ControlTM, a unique software platform for program governance and maximizing the opportunity that change brings.
  • techmer-150x28
    TechMer meets the requirements of Public Safety First Responders, Defense Forces and Enterprise users by providing innovative network centric InterOperability communications solutions. TechMer has world recognized in overall C4I solutions, large scale security systems in aviation, maritime, critical infrastructure, mass public transport, "Safe City", emergency repsonse and crisis management. TechMer has been providing communications solutions for more than 20 years to a global and diverse customer community.
  • white-cyber-knight-114x75
    White Cyber Knight (WCK) was founded in 2006 in order to provide managers with a better understanding and more effective management skills for their GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) status. WCK’s methodology relies on a patent pending approach - EESA (End-to-End Security Assessment).
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