Client Portfolio

Landmark Ventures has a long tradition of working closely with innovative, scalable, best-in-class technology solutions.

We deliver a hands-on approach designed to meet each client’s needs and ultimately drive a successful strategic process. Our deep relationships with Fortune 500 corporations, top venture capital and private equity investors, and leading CEOs and entrepreneurs benefit our clients by providing unique access and insight into key market sectors.

  • TangoNetworks-1-124x75
    At Tango Networks, we power enterprise networks with mobility solutions. Solutions that make employees more productive and allow them to work more freely while reducing costs and assuring regulatory and policy compliance.
  • teli_logo
    Teli provides reliable communication, guaranteeing the best access, lowest latency, and highest voice quality-no matter where their customers are located.
  • radware
    Radware provides Intelligent Application Switching solutions to ensure the availability, performance and security of networked applications across all mission critical networked applications to improve scalability while dramatically reducing operating costs.
  • maxtechnetworks-150x35
    Maxtech Networks successfully combines the advantages of both fixed mesh and mobile, dynamic, ad hoc networks based on the end unit level for voice and data applications.
  • nextnine-150x57
    NetMount Inc. developed a proprietary platform that eliminates the physical barriers of networking by enabling secure LAN connectivity "over the Web" or any public/private IP backbone.
  • techmer-150x28
    TechMer meets the requirements of Public Safety First Responders, Defense Forces and Enterprise users by providing innovative network centric InterOperability communications solutions. TechMer has world recognized in overall C4I solutions, large scale security systems in aviation, maritime, critical infrastructure, mass public transport, "Safe City", emergency repsonse and crisis management. TechMer has been providing communications solutions for more than 20 years to a global and diverse customer community.
  • wefi_logo_highres-150x54
    WeFi is a key innovator and a market leader in mobile broadband Smart Always Best Connected solutions and heterogeneous network management. WeFi furnishes the service providers and operators with a seamless solution to increase capacity, enable data offload, handle network congestion and improve coverage by using multichannel heterogeneous network (HetNet) dynamic priority & handover decision engine based on a unique patented algorithm.
  • wavion-150x55
    Wavion Wireless Networks is transforming the unlicensed broadband wireless access market with powerful solutions based on beamforming and SDMA technologies.
  • SWKS-150x60
    Skyworks makes integrated circuits (ICs) for wireless and other applications. Its flagship handset products include power amplifiers and front-end modules used by OEMs such as Asian Information Technology, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, and Samsung Electronics in mobile phones and communications infrastructure gear.
  • AnchorFree-150x38
    AnchorFree's location-based ad network allows marketers to deliver interactive, timely and targeted advertisements to laptop and mobile device users. Their extensive network of over 10,000 Hotspot locations enables businesses to offer patrons free Internet access while generating new revenues with no financial investments required.
  • fiberzone-150x41
    FiberZone Networks aims to automate complex fiber infrastructure while providing flexibility and control.
  • Kontiki-Logo-Blue-73x75
    Kontiki’s video solutions for business enable you to keep up with the rapidly evolving and growing needs of video communication in the enterprise. Whether you need live webcasting, video on demand (VOD) or a centralized destination for your company’s growing video content library, Kontiki delivers, to your entire global workforce utilizing your existing corporate network, quickly and painlessly.
  • arctic-silicon-devices-150x57
    Arctic Silicon Devices is a fabless semiconductor company offering highly integrated analog and mixed signal front end ICs with extremely low power dissipation, smaller footprints and state-of-the-art performance. Their products include low power, high performance Analog-to-Digital Converters that outperform competitive offerings and address high performance applications such as Medical Ultrasound, Diversified Antenna Systems and 3G/4G Wireless Communications..
  • route1-150x45
    Route1 is an industry leader in providing digital security and identity management solutions to enterprises worldwide - businesses, governments, and the military. We use The Power of MobiNET, our patented communications and service delivery platform. The MobiNET provides information assurance and individualized access to networks and data.
  • mokafive_logo-150x41
    MokaFive's virtual desktop solution provides fast, simple and advanced management capabilities to you and your IT staff.
  • agitar-144x75
    Agitar Software has created an Enterprise Developer Testing tool for Java application development that automates test creation, enforces coding standards compliance and provides management visibility and control. Software development teams see improved quality, faster development cycles and lower software lifecycle costs.