Client Portfolio

Landmark Ventures has a long tradition of working closely with innovative, scalable, best-in-class technology solutions.

We deliver a hands-on approach designed to meet each client’s needs and ultimately drive a successful strategic process. Our deep relationships with Fortune 500 corporations, top venture capital and private equity investors, and leading CEOs and entrepreneurs benefit our clients by providing unique access and insight into key market sectors.

  • northwell-logo-260x140
    Northwell Health (formerly North Shore-LIJ) is one of the largest integrated health systems in the United States.
  • BSP-Logo1-150x65
    BSP is dedicated to providing novel, non-invasive and highly reliable solutions for the diagnosis and monitoring of Coronary Artery Disease. Using proprietary signal processing technology,  BSP's products perform analysis of the high-frequency QRS components for more sensitive and accurate results than conventional stress testing.
  • rainbowmd-1
    Rainbow Medical is a unique private investment company that seeds and grows companies developing breakthrough medical devices invented by Yossi Gross in a diverse range of medical fields.
  • hdh-150x34
    HDH Medical Ltd. is bringing to market an innovative product line of BYFix vascular anastomotic devices, with their specialized delivery instruments, providing suture-less anastomosis of large blood vessels for laparascopic and open surgery.
  • Chronix-Biomedical-Technology-logo-150x34
    Chronix Biomedical applies proprietary techniques that utilize serum DNA to develop routine blood tests for the early detection and management of cancer.
  • itgi-150x41
    ITGI Medical is an Israeli bio-medical engineering company specializing in research and development, design, manufacture and distribution of high quality heterologous tissue covered stents for Cardiovascular and Neurovascular interventions. ITGI has proprietary patents, techniques and devices to cover stents with heterologous tissue. Our goal is to provide the medical community with “the best service for the best product” to accomplish our philosophy: “help people heal people”.
  • insightec-150x31
    InSightec is the pioneer and global leader in MR guided focused ultrasound technology for image guided acoustic surgery.
  • syndromex-150x59
    SyndromeX has several drug candidates targeting Metabolic Syndrome (comprised of Dyslipidemia, Type II Diabetes, Upper Body Obesity, Hypertension and Coronary Heart Disease). The pharmaceutical company has two proprietary lead compounds with primary indications for Dyslipidemia (M1001) and Type II Diabetes (M1002). They are fatty acid compounds which are non-metabolized analogies of Omega-3 fatty acids, which are available in fish and widely used as a “healthy” food supplement.
  • genomas-150x38
    Genomas® is a biomedical company advancing DNA-Guided medicine with revolutionary PhyzioType™ systems for personalized healthcare. Core applications are clinical management of psychiatric, cardiovascular and diabetic drug treatments to enhance patient safety.
  • althera-medical-143x75
    Althera Medical is a clinical phase medical therapeutic technology company developing and commercializing a new cancer treatment modality - Diffusing Alpha-emitters Radiation Therapy (DART).
  • haldor-150x68
    Haldor Advanced Technologies Ltd. is a privately owned company specializing in developing solutions for the healthcare industry.  The company's flagship solution, the ORLocate®, is an automated RFID-based system that was designed to combat major challenges faced in today's operating rooms and sterilization departments. ORLocate® is currently the only commercially available solution that monitors and tracks surgical instruments and consumables before, during and at the conclusion of the surgical procedure.
  • bio-petro-clean-150x53
    BioPetroClean's advanced solutions safely and effectively remove oil pollution from water, soil, and oil storage and transportation tanks, benefiting the environment while delivering substantial cost-savings for their customers.
  • beta-o2-150x48
    Beta-02 is developing the first implantable bio-artificial pancreas to address Type I diabetes and eliminate the need for insulin injections. This revolutionary device employs advanced technologies for protecting implanted pancreatic islet cells from destruction by the host immune system and supplying them with adequate oxygen and nutrients.
  • deep-breeze-113x75
    Deep Breeze is a privately held, dynamic medical device company that has developed a radiation-free medical imaging technology based on recordings of acoustic vibrations. Today’s commercially available products based on this technology are being used for diagnosing and monitoring respiratory disease.
  • accelmed-150x39
    ACCELMED is dedicated to providing healthcare professionals quality, FREE independent accredited educational initiatives.