Client Portfolio

Landmark Ventures has a long tradition of working closely with innovative, scalable, best-in-class technology solutions.

We deliver a hands-on approach designed to meet each client’s needs and ultimately drive a successful strategic process. Our deep relationships with Fortune 500 corporations, top venture capital and private equity investors, and leading CEOs and entrepreneurs benefit our clients by providing unique access and insight into key market sectors.

  • primus-150x37
    Primus Green Energy is a leader in the development of alternative drop-in fuels that are economical, practical, and easily produced with domestic resources. Primus’ innovative thermochemical conversion process and proprietary technology produce gasoline and jet fuel that are cost-competitive with petroleum without subsidies. These fuels require no engine customization and utilize the existing fuel distribution infrastructure.
  • metrolight-150x38
    Metrolight’s universal electronic ballasts and managed lighting solutions are used to reduce energy consumption and carbon emission by up to 70% in market applications such as: Retail, Industrial, Commercial and Municipal.
  • pythagoras-logo-103x75
    Pythagoras Solar, an advanced Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) company, is transforming the buildings that use 70 percent of power plant generated electricity, into NZE buildings.
  • microcoal-logo-150x32
    MicroCoal is a materials technology company focused on commercializing the use of microwave energy and related process technologies to transform coal and other minerals into higher quality and higher value industrial materials.
  • bio-petro-clean-150x53
    BioPetroClean's advanced solutions safely and effectively remove oil pollution from water, soil, and oil storage and transportation tanks, benefiting the environment while delivering substantial cost-savings for their customers.
  • 3p-tec-150x55
    3P Technologies specializes in the research and development of advanced materials & technologies for various industrial down-stream applications, including the paint, paper and polymers markets.
  • optimum-energy-81x75
    Optimum Energy is helping customers achieve a new standard in commercial HVAC system performance by reducing energy consumption 30 to 60%, and ensuring those reductions persist year after year.