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IDS 2014 – Thank You!

Wow – two days; hundreds of startups, innovators, dealmakers, and thought leaders; compelling talks on the main stage and productive networking in the halls—Israel Dealmakers Summit 2014 was an amazing success – thank you to all who joined us!

In addition to the blockbuster speaker lineup who inspired us with their passion, insight and humor, we were honored to welcome a highly-engaged group of over 1,000 global dealmakers and innovators to discuss the role of Israeli business in the global marketplace.

When the Israel Dealmakers Summit started six years ago, we couldn’t imagine what it would become – an event where the norm is challenged, the new embraced, and the unexpected celebrated. The conversations continue year round, and we are excited to see how many global partnerships will be formed as a result of the relationships developed this week in New York.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be updating this site with clips from the Summit – hopefully some great food for thought in your work as dealmakers, investors, and entrepreneurs.

For now, take a look at the photos from the event — and know that we’re already working on IDS2015!




The cardboard bike: A revolution on wheels?

Behold a bicycle made from cardboard and recycled plastic bottles that functions like any bike but has potential for global change.
It’s bicycle season! And everywhere across the country, Americans are dusting off their wheels, greasing the chains and brakes, and bracing themselves for helmet hair.  Read more»

Social Innovation Summit 2013: To Read, To Connect, To Affirm

Recently I attended Social Innovation Summit 2013 that took place at the United Nations. The summit connected and inspired a global network of leaders discussing the key strategies and business innovations creating social transformation across the corporate, investment, government and non-profit sectors. I was selected as one of three dedicated to amplifying the whole experience as Social Media Ambassador.  Read more»

Social Innovation Summit 2013: What’s Next?

I recently attended the 2013 Social Innovation Summit, a two-day conference held in New York at JPMorgan and the General Assembly of the United Nations. This biannual conference launched in 2010 by Landmark Ventures, a New York-based strategic and financial advisory firm, the summit brings together venture capitalists, social entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 executives, government officials and heads of foundations discuss and share innovative solutions to some of today’s most challenging social issues, including education, global healthcare, veterans, women and girls, environment and sustainability. Read more»

Best Ways To Build Communities Around the Globe: 5 Rising Stars Share Their Visions In A Tweet

Recently I attended the  the Social Innovation Summit, a forum that brings together cross-sector leaders from business, nonprofit and social enterprise to explore “What’s Next?” in social innovation— including education, health and technology.  I had the honor of moderating the panel on “Women and Girls: Innovation Is A Mindset” that was held in the General Assembly of the United Nations. Over the next couple of weeks, I will be showcasing some of the top women in their fields to explore “Who’s Next” in their industries — the innovative, disruptive and powerful rising stars.  Read more»

Disrupting Social Innovation

When did being disruptive go from being a bad thing to a good thing?
The Free Dictionary defines “disruptive” as characterized by unrest or disorder or insubordination and lists as synonyms disturbing, upsetting, disorderly, unsettling, troublesome, unruly, obstreperous and troublemaking.  Yet, at a recent Social Innovation Summit held in the General Assembly Hall of the United Nations, disruptive was the social sector buzzword of choice. Read more»

Growing Food On Walls To “Vegecate” Kids? What’s Next In Social Transformation?

“Green” is overflowing in the South Bronx, an economically challenged urban area and the nation’s poorest Congressional district. But the “green” isn’t money – it’s food. And the urban gardeners are high school kids, many of whom are homeless. Led by their enthusiastic former teacher Stephen Ritz, they’re on a social mission: to transform their neighborhood into an organic farm, feed their community healthy foods and develop marketable skills for a brighter future. Read more»

Collaboration: the Fuel for Innovation

The popular image of an innovator often involves tinkerers like Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak holed up in their garage or Mark Zuckerberg coding in his dorm room. While remarkable advances have been made by brilliant people exploring powerful ideas in relative isolation, a world-changing idea can come from anyone anywhere. True hotbeds of innovation develop those ideas through cooperation among talented individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences. It is far more impactful for innovation to spring from collaboration and a supportive ecosystem.  Read more»

At the Social Innovation Summit, It’s All About the Kids

Business innovation met social transformation at the Social Innovation Summit this week. Held at JP Morgan Chase and the United Nations, respectively, the two day event brought corporate executives and social entrepreneurs together to network over ice cream, hob nob over cocktails and of course, hear from speakers ranging from Glenn Close to Stephen Ritz, a teacher in the South Bronx and the Founder of the Green Bronx Machine. Read more»